AFX 21070, Pit Stop, Holographic Theater - House of Trains

AFX 21070, Pit Stop, Holographic Theater

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AFX 21070, Pit Stop, Holographic Theater.  Combining holography and augmented reality, we've created the most realistic race experience in the world - a "live" to-scale pit crew that interests with your car in real time!

From changing tires, cleaning debris and putting out fires, our pit crew does it all!

An augmented reality phone app projects and directs the action of the entire race, identifying your car and adjusting the pit crew’s position accordingly. A holographic leaderboard projects your total race time and progress right onto the track. A race announcer cues you for halfway through, 10 seconds left, and pit stops. As your car crosses the finish line, a checkered flag flies over the track followed by a brilliant firework display.

Take your racing to the next level with state of the art technology. The Pit Stop Holographic Theater combines the virtual and real worlds, bringing a whole new level of family fun to a classic toy!